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What does the equipment look like?


 The equipment consist of a small dish antenna with a radio attached to it that weighs about 8lbs, and is designed to hold up to 90mph winds.  The dish is about 18” in diameter, and is about 10” deep.  It will be mounted onto a small pole that will be attached to your building / home.  We will run a shielded outdoor rated CAT 5 ethernet cable from our outdoor equipment to a power supply that will be located near the point of entry into your building.  This power supply will then connect to your computer / router.  The equipment has built in lightening protection.

THINGS WE DO as part of our normal Wireless Internet Service Installation:

1.  We will supply up to 100' of UV rated CAT 5 Ethernet cable as part of a normal installation. If your cable run is greater than 100' then there may be an additional charge, which will be determined by the installer, at the time of the installation. This additional charge will be discussed with you prior to the installer commencing with the installation.  This additional charge will be added to your 1st monthly bill.

2.  Standard installation includes an exterior wall mount bracket.  All other installation options may require an additional charge.

3.   We will configure one computer and verify that the Internet connection works before we leave your premises.  

4.  As part of our standard installation we will configure our equipment to automatically assign an IP address (DHCP) to your equipment. If you have a need for a static IP address then that needs to be coordinated with our technical staff which can be reached via email at….

THINGS WE DON'T DO as part our normal Wireless Internet Service Installation:

1. We do not do network integration. We can recommend several highly qualified companies that can provide this service.

2. We do not install or configure Wi-Fi routers, or network printers at no additional charge. We can supply these services for a fee.

3.  We do not assemble or repair computers, nor do we move furniture.

4.  We do not provide internal wiring services. If you require additional internal wiring, this should be discussed with the installer prior to the installation. There may be an additional charge for this service.  

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